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Ever walked into a fancy hotel room and wished you could just scoop up the entire decor and take it home? Well, guess what? I've got some fabulous news for you! Today, we're talking all about the Hotel Collection – your ticket to turning your home into that luxe retreat you've always dreamed of. And because I love sharing good deals, I've got a special treat: use our "MBSAVE45" coupon for an unbelievable 45% off across the site!

What's the Buzz About Hotel Collection?
Okay, so Hotel Collection is like that best-kept secret for sprucing up your space with a touch of elegance. It's all about bringing that five-star hotel vibe right into your living room, bedroom, you name it. We're talking plush bedding, chic bathroom accessories, and those little decor touches that make you feel like you're on a permanent vacation.

Why I'm Obsessed with Hotel Collection (And You Should Be Too!):
1. Feels Like a Hug from a Cloud: Seriously, the bedding is so comfy, it's like sleeping on a cloud. Or what I imagine sleeping on a cloud would feel like!
2. That 'Wow, Your Place Looks Amazing' Look: Every piece has this sleek, modern design that'll have your friends asking if you hired an interior designer.
3. Self-Care Central: The bath stuff? Divine. It's like having a spa day, but in your own bathroom.
4. Mix and Match Magic: Whether your style is super modern or more classic, these pieces just fit right in.
5. Gifts Galore: I've already sorted out half my holiday gifts, thanks to their range. Talk about a one-stop shop!

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Posted on Saturday, December 30, 2023
New store: BoieUSA

Today we added a new store to CouponsExplorer: BoieUSA.
There's something about BoieUSA's products, whether it's the aesthetic of the great functionality. Their products cost a little more than a regular toothbrush or a shower scrubber but it's worth the investment because they last longer and are more sustainable, too.

Also, the fact that, if and when your scrubber and brush get too worn out, You can just replace the head and enjoy the product as new. Not only that, when thinking about saving money, besides using the sitewide promotion we just published today, you can have a subscription which helps you save even more money!

Click on the link below to enjoy 15% Off for BoieUSA.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 05, 2022

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